Ask @maitrikka:

rekomendasiin film

Here’s a few I watched recently:
Lady Bird
I, Tonya
The Hours
Blade Runner 2049
The Obvious Child
Ingrid Goes West

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punya fobia gak? kalo punya, fobia apasih yg kamu miliki?

im afraid of frogs and snails and newts what does that make me

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Siapa yang ingin kamu temui?

I’d love to have drinks with Finn Wolfhard later on when he’s legal enough to, well, drink.

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What have you learned today?

I have learned that some days, these days; you still need to reassure yourself that you deserve the things that you think you deserve.

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Apakah tiga hal yang tanpa keberadaannya membuatmu tidak bisa hidup?

1. my Mac basically mainly because half of my life is fully contained in it
2. my set of drawing pens
3. my earphones

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