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Tbh...your are super pretty! You are a beast at volleyball, your are super nice, and really funny!

Thankssss Abby ❤️

Tbh we dont talk much but when we do u act very nice towards me and ur gorg and a stud at volleyball

Thanks Jackie!

tbh I don't know you that well but u seem nice and kind u are also amazing at sports and gorgeous

Thanks Jayme :)

tbh I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START.awkward dancing, cry sessions, cenex runs.lol so many memories.love you so much baby.bfffffff

abbykohls’s Profile PhotoAbby Kohls
Hahahahahahah I love you so so much ❤️❤️❤️

Tbh makenzie your awesome not too hard on the eyes (by that I mean you're good looking if u didnt catch on) and a stud at volleyball

Oh thanks Ben ❤️

TBH- Your GORG. And I really wish I would've came to your house for that big RAGER this summer. I missed out big time:( you'll have to have another one after vball season! Oh and btw your a stud at vball to! And don't date Lucas he's a fag. Ha justttt kidding...but seriously;) love ya!

MorganJacobsen’s Profile PhotoMorgan Jacobsen
Ahhhh thank you. We neeeeeed to get together one of these weekends!!! Hahahahhaha oh gosh I miss you. love yaaaa too ❤️
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Tbh: you're really funny! Easy to talk to. And smart cause I always cheated off you in English haha!

Hahah thank you

To be completely honest.. And from the bottom of my heart.. You are jerk. Because you left me in the cemetery.. Jk. You are an angel from heaven.

Hahahahah I'm sorry bubbles


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