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i miss you, and i know you miss me too but we are both so soaked in arrogance and ego that no one texts. it’s been a week and i’m weak. i don’t know what i’m doing. i don’t like anything, there’s just that one song on repeat to which i relate to. i’ve been low but no one cares, i don’t show it to anyone. because that’s only your place. i only gave you the right to look deep into me and to be the only one able to mend me. but it’s gone. temporarily, i know. but it’s not there. and it’s hurting me in ways i never thought it would.

Salam. I'm Ayesha. Almost 24 years old. Weight 120kg, hairs all over face and body due to PCOS disease. Fair complexion. No one wants to marry me because I'm ugly. I have no friends and I guess my family don't like me. Koi ha? Jo hum jaison ko Pasand kary ga? Jugde na karein, Zindagi pareshan ha...

I’m sure you’re gorgeous sis. everything you wrote its all natural because you’re suffering from pcos and its hard but that does not make you imperfect. treat yourself like a queen & others will do the same x ❤️

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