Ask @malbertbruce:

How can you change the World?

some times it's as simple as doing your part, or could be just that little extra we give that we don't have to no one knows how there actions are going to affect others we simply speculate and try to do good. Look at war; it can change the world to many or just some simply wanting change isn't enough you must serve or give action and remember you reap what you sow

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What are your plans, your ambitions for the next two and a half years?

um why so specific a time fram ???? wait who are you ..... wait are you my stocker wow never had one of thems before now you best be careful sneaking around out there we don't much like Intruders wouldn't want me very own stocker to wind up on the salty end of some salt rock now would we lol

I really think my life is nothing and I should end it nobody would care

see a counselor dude! I don't agree with suicide and honestly if you were a few years older I actually would lay in to you about this shit. still you need to talk to somebody and not on an electronic you need to see a mental health specialist may very well be you need medicine to get you past this