Ask @maldenblueandgold:

Dear Nedlam, How do you join The Blue and Gold? -curious

Dear Curious, I'm not sure if you are an 8th grader about to go into highschool or are already in highschool so I'll answer for both. If you are in eighth grade talk to your English teacher and guidance counselor about it, and they will help you write a letter of application to Mr. Gallagher to join the class. If you are already in highschool come talk to Mr. Gallagher in J387 about joining and he will help you from there. Hope this helps, good luck!!!

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What is the "right" number of AP courses to take as a sophomore? I know that what I take next year will affect the rest of my high school life. What do I do?

Personally, I think it depends on what you are good at, and what you can handle. Don't take an AP class in a subject you won't enjoy because, obviously it's a lot of work. Also if you do a lot of sports or extracurricular activites then you won't have enough time to do all of the homework. I think about 2-3 is good, but from someone who has taken AP classes (I took 2 Sophmore year), just think about if you can handle it. Ask others who take the classes you want to take if there is a lot of work, think about if you are good at doing your work on time. Hope this helps, and good luck!!!

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