Ask @maldinisam:

Where were you 3 hours ago?

Aapi ..
Wow, are very calculated that you asked about last 3hrs only. You might have asked about last 8hrs and I would have lot more to say. Anyways, during the past three hours I have had meeting with a friend at the office and then I left for my favourite pizza to have in lunch from pizza cottage with the same client. Now I am back in my chair and working. A coffee is needed right now.

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Do you believe in LDR and can they withstand the test of time ? 🌈 #staif

Some people say monogamy is a cruel rule. And when it comes to long distance relationships, its misperceived by many. I believe in humanity and i try to find the truth and go after originality. Almost 7 billion people are my world and I can look for somebody of who is equally weird and is of my kind.
I process life in likes and wants instead of can and can not.
A relationship can be build if two people are right for each other, equally there and emotionally available to invest and build something to live by. Because, its not about the quantity but quality. Eventually, you only need one single person to love and live your life with. Where you find trust, value and utmost respect. Where you can share understanding and develop harmony by being faithful and devoted to each other. Its kind of deal and choice that you make.
According to a survey, long distance shares only 2.28% of the relationship break ups whereas cheating tops with 41.03% of the reason of a break up.

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