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I AM Batman
You might not like the life you are living now. But, you are a blessed one, and you should probably be happy about it You are living in your comfort zone, having an active internet connection, food to eat, TV to watch and a roof to sleep under.Do remember that even if you have only these four basic amenities, you are richer than 75% of the world’s population. Be happy for what you, but don’t settle for it.
The world is progressing rapidly, and you’ll be left behind if you are entirely content with what you’ve got now.Make sure you know how to draw a line between being greedy and ascetic.

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Alizeh Bangash
I am not in a relationship with @s_waseem soo please stop this ! She’s some ones daughter ,sister and she’s having a self respect 😊 if you have any problem with me be a nice person and take to and let me know what actually the problem is please i am requesting you avoid making rumours you are hurting someone hope you will understand it stay happy and blessed ❤️

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If you are chasing a girl, it just feels like to be put on a race track and told to run and run with no end in sight. Just sit around for a minute and take a deep breath and calculate how much time you are wasting on your crush and how much effort you are putting in. Why the hell are you wasting time on someone who will never be the part of your life? Move on. There is plenty of fish in the sea. Guys, is this our beautiful life? Is this what we are narrowed to these days? We are wasting our entire youth days just to win the heart of a Girl. Why are you wasting your life chasing girls? Just concentrate on your life and your self-development. In our teens, we are infatuated, and it’s not true love, so forget love if you are in your teenage, you better concentrate on your future.Still thinking about the girl who dumped you a year ago? She moved on, accept it. Most girls can’t even stop scooty without putting their leg on the floor. Is that the girl that will decide your future? Surely not.Most girls run for the money, trust me, true love doesn’t exist, its only money.Stop chasing girls, and Bro’s don’t you ever beg for that girl after reading this paragraph no more bullshit.

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