Ask @malikumeryousaf:

How satisfied are you with yourself?

I am never satisfied, because there's always a room for improvement and, sometimes being aware i still get to make the wrong decisions, that's end up in me being complaining about it later. BUT, that DOESN'T mean that I don't get results. Most of the times the results i get are FAR GREATER than my efforts, so i am very optimistic and satisfied with it.

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If u had an opportunity to time travel,would u want to visit ur past or ur future????Also tell why?

Seeing what kind of era this is turning out to be. I am quite honestly at the verge of being hopeless with the coming future i expect nothing great from it being genuine; sickened society, disrespectful generation, deviated standards… So I don't want myself to get more depressed and get into a shock by seeing it. And while i quite adore my past, there are some beautiful memories that i'd love to relive, but going back would make me depressed all again because i would still end up in the present timeline no matter… destiny comes the same either you run from it or try hide from it.
So, I AM CONTENT with MY PRESENT because i have made terms with it. Sorry for the long ass answer, but you demanded explanation and i got overrun with it so it can be reasoned 😅.

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How do you think what age is suitable for marriage? .💍

Mental maturity matters more. When you feel yourself fit for handling all the responsibilities of it and when you're mature enough to withstand the problems and pressure of practical life you're adult enough to get married.
And its not that age is not a governing factor in this, age do matters but there is so variation in our normal genetic pool that on one hand people at younger age are reaching puberty while on the other hand some at comparatively older.
So, simple rule of thumb is you get that feeling when is the right time on your own, your biological clock gets you aware of this, quite astonishing isn't it!? So, it doesn't needs anyone's confirmation, you on your own are good enough to decide it for you, because its yours body in the end not someone else's duh 🙂.

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- Your blood type? 💉💛🔱 .

*O +ve

Lol 😅, i am born a giver, giving happiness, joys and healing your wounds, your weaknesses and in return receiving a ton of shit that torments my heart and soul.
[SIDE NOTE(for those who didn't get it): O blood group(esp. -ve phenotype) can be donated to any individual having any phenotype, while on other way around when it comes to receiving no blood group(except O) shows compatibilty towards it and when innoculated destroys and worsens the already existing condition].

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why do we fall in love?

Because when everything around us is constantly giving us hell, the friends betraying you, the people letting you down at every step, your devoted efforts turning to a waste, failures and many more. During those times the only thing that enlightens that darkness in your heart and beautify the world around you is LOVE.
So, that's probably one of the chief reason we fall for the LOVE to find our escape to find our fulfillment, to fill our emptiness.

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Have you ever slept in a car when only your driver was in it?

I can even sleep in car even when there's no driver in it 😅. I am an amateur when it comes to fighting my sleep. And sleeping in car is something impossible to resist for me especially, its actually weird this habit that the uncomfortable of the position or place i am in, the deeper is the sleep smh 😅.

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