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What's your favorite movie scene?

When James T. Kirk tell captain pike about the lightening storm in space. Warning him

I bet he doesn't believe you because you were hanging out with a certain guy you had thing with quite a bit when you were together

Ha whooooo

I'm being serious about it people make judgments about that

I dont care what anyone thinks:) cause i love drugs

I would stop saying things about drugs people might get the wrong idea about you

Drugs drugs drugs i love drugs! drugs love meeee

Yes and it seems like you dont care for relationships from my view

Obviously something blocking your view:) you're just jelly

No because you know I'm right and "just friends"? Dont lie about that you act like more than friends

Ha you don't even know bailey. I can e friends with whoever I want

Few examples: crispy Baily and then you will with just random kids throughout the school

K crispy is my brother and bailey and I are just friends:) so kindly screw off


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