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thoughts on david b

Pretty sweet guy. Sucks that he keeps getting hurt, kinda wrecking my life plans. No but seriously it sucks that it's always him haha. He's good lookin and stuff tooo.
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to be honeesstt youre so pretty!! your dance with danae last night was great haha (: yoou seem like a cool person and super funny! we need to hungout!!

BreeHuxley’s Profile PhotoBree Huxley
Thank youu! Ahah oh maan. Yess we do! :)
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Tbh. First off, Who do you think you are? Lol you're absolutely stunning and I am really glad we are friends. You're really fun to hangout with and fun to drink with. <3 :*

Shyvonne Tyler ✌️
A slithery little snakey snake ;) Hahah thank you gorgeous, so am I! <3 <3 :*

tbh- damn you are gorgeous! your really nice and funny :) I liked working with you this summer too :) I also like that tattoo of yours haha 9

BillBill5683’s Profile PhotoBillie Sexton
Thank youu! I liked working with you too haha :)

Tbh- your super pretty and your always nice and you are really funny, honestly whenever I'm at your house it's always a good time because you and your whole family are just hilarious :)

Hahah awe thank you :)

Tbh, your extremely pretty! Your really nice and seem pretty cool, we aren't good friends but I most defiantly do not hate you! I think we should talk more!

emmarobinson98’s Profile PhotoEmma Robinson
Well thank you! Yes we should :)

Tbh skaterchick hahaha,i dont ever talk to you anymore but yeah you're pretty cool. And your tattoo is pretty sick.

Bikesndykes’s Profile PhotoSheldon head
Bmx4lyfe, yeah so much for being friends eh. Hahah but thanks :)

Tbh; Malllory you're really pretty and seem really nice :) I saw you at subway yesterday i think it was, and im gunna be workin there tomorrow haha see ya then :)

haileyasolberg’s Profile PhotoHailey Solberg
Awe thanks, you too! :) and are you actually?! That actually makes me so happy! Haha :)
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Haters eh! I feel u! Haha fuck someone up! Ppl jus dont got nothing better to do these days then hate! #hatersgunnahate #goldenproblems

Hahaha tell me about it! Too many haters these days ehh
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tbh I love how you didn't get a tattoo without meaning. You seem to mind your own business until you have to be involved then you go ape shit by the looks of it on Twitter. Keep your chin up girly :)

sheadanielle’s Profile PhotoShea
Hahah yeah pretty much.. Thank youu :)

Tbh- you're probably my favourite friends sister hahah it's fun talking to you and having you as a peer Tudor in English class :) your tattoo is awesome, you're gorgeous and throw some pretty great parties that I hope to attend drunk one day ;)

Wow this is so nice, thank youu! :) I seriously cannot wait for that day.

tbhh maldawg I love you and we have too many great memories to count together <3 lets get another flat of palm gays and party soon, maybe I'll let you ride in the tailgate of the side by side next time ;) hahahah

Ahaha soon please! Don't worry I'm over the back of the side by side thing though, you needed it ;)
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Tbh Mallory I ow u a pair of lulus don't worry ill buy u a pair by the time we grad!! We haven't talked a whole lot! We worked together at subway a few summers ago! That was pretty sweet. I've heard alot of good things about u! We need to talk more tho:)

Yes! This makes me so happy. Thanks vik! And yess for sure haha :)


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