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if a genie could give you one wish, what would it be?

It could be happiness everyday and make this feeling for him fade away. ?

When you are feeling sad, do you ever buy something to cheer yourself up?

Yes sometomes if I have a money. Hahaha.

It's International Cat Day, time to ask the fundamental question: Are cats smarter than dogs?

No. I think dog is more smarter that's why they called the dogs as a man's bestfriend. Hohoho.

Is there anything matters to you more than friendship??

nothing more because i'm contented to them hahah oh except my family

I actually enjoy rainy days when I'm stuck in. They're very peaceful ... what weather do you prefer?

rainy too i like to sleep the whole day hahha

What app do you use most often on your phone???

facebook, twitter, instagram and wattpad hahaha but i'm using pinterest, askfm and tumblr now hahha lol skl

Does the sound of people chewing their food annoy you? Me:No

No. Because I'm one of them hahah lol

I went on an airplane today for the first time. Have you been on an airplane before?

Bo. But it's one of my dream. ?

Do you know a nice place for a date in a city?

Venice tapos sa Moa. Hahaha. May perris wheel don eh. ?

..why do people fall in love and they end up crying...?? ?

Kasi minamahal nila masyado yung tao. Tapos ginagawa nilang mundi yung dapt eh tao lang. ?


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