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Who helps you get thorough the day at school?

idk? maybe Abby or Josie. I just like it when people make me laugh. so it varies.

Tbh- I love you!!! I've known you for forever and I looked up to you! We'll be together again next year when I'm in high school!

you're such a sweetie, love you too! :)


I think she is gorgeous!! basketball camp was fun and she is really good, we need to hangout or something soon! :)

who has the honor of being your twin?

Josie is my twinnie even though we look nothing alike :) she is honored.

Oh my gosh, we just have to hang out more gorgeous! Softball isnt going to cut it.

thank you and we will! if I know who this is!!! :)

What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?

hmmm... probably moving back to North Carolina. that was a long time ago but I don't make many life changing decisions. so probably that.

Mandalin, if you didn't give people mean looks in the hallway then I bet boys would actually like you. This isn't a joke.

I don't? but thanks or the advice, I'm writing it allllll down. ;)


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