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Emergent group think in the mass media (be it in the audience or the journalists), organizations, and blog comments sections is a threat to any serious discussion of ideas. Do you have any thoughts as to how to prevent a forum of ideas from degenerating into an ideological singularity?

on More Right I forbid comments so only other people with blogs can respond
it's fairly simple

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What is your opinion on public lashing as a form of corporal punishment for crimes?

stupid. it had its place but the idea now is that it's not as necessary since we've already selected ourselves to be less violent by murdering most of the murderers. among whites, violent crimes are so rare, I don't see the need for public lashing.

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Would basic income be a pragmatic policy, provided those on the dole were removed from the breeding population? "We'll give you free porn, free fried food, free marijuana, free video games, free cable tv, and free housing, but we just need you to get a vasectomy first."

I'm not interested in the economics of maintaining large idle populations

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