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Is consequentialism right?

no. it's compelling but not the whole story. qualitative value matters a whole lot more than quantitative value, which consequentialism ignores.

How do you feel about the majority of the AltRight being composed of white populists who advocate the return of nothing more than a stop gap of Fascism instead of a proper system monarchy ?

fine with me

Emergent group think in the mass media (be it in the audience or the journalists), organizations, and blog comments sections is a threat to any serious discussion of ideas. Do you have any thoughts as to how to prevent a forum of ideas from degenerating into an ideological singularity?

on More Right I forbid comments so only other people with blogs can respond
it's fairly simple

When will your book on monarchy be published?

Within a month hopefully. I'm only about 40 pages from the finish but I keep finding new things I have to read before completing it. Very soon, I promise.
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Is the fall of baseball in the national conscious because of baseball, or is it a function of who controls the mass media?

I don't know or care

"You can dazzle a pleb with rhetoric, or you can beat him with a stick, but never try to reason with him." Thoughts?


with moreright gone, is your career as an nrx intellectual essentially dead at this point. you seem to have passed into the retirement phase.

it just lapsed since I let it lapse, I repaid the bill and it should be back online shortly lol

What is your opinion on public lashing as a form of corporal punishment for crimes?

stupid. it had its place but the idea now is that it's not as necessary since we've already selected ourselves to be less violent by murdering most of the murderers. among whites, violent crimes are so rare, I don't see the need for public lashing.

Would basic income be a pragmatic policy, provided those on the dole were removed from the breeding population? "We'll give you free porn, free fried food, free marijuana, free video games, free cable tv, and free housing, but we just need you to get a vasectomy first."

I'm not interested in the economics of maintaining large idle populations

What do you think of attempting to make Trump and his family a hereditary Monarchy? O I am asking this seriously as he will be riding a wave of tremendous anger at the established order.

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I think that's totally speculative at this point.

How were you taught about Hitler and Nazis in school?

we were barely taught about them, but the same as everyone else

This "Jewish issue" is profoundly confusing. Are there good Jews and bad Jews? Or are they all more or less antagonistic to white people, culture, civilization? What are the bad ones really trying to do? I'm asking because I'm sure you understand this issue as it really is, the unvarnished reality.

who cares?

What color are your eyes? And, if not brown, did anyone in your family have brown eyes?

blue and nearly everyone in my family has blue eyes

If you could restore one European Royal dynasty, which one would you choose?

I'm American so it doesn't matter. I'm more interested in looking to the future.

Mischlings can be among the most anti-Semitic people you can meet; so your reasoning that MB fears confronting the JQ is BS -- as is most of your analysis, BTW.

lol okay

Moldbug needn't be afraid of the JQ despite being half Jewish. After all, look at curly Weev -- he exhibits no fear (outwardly, at least) of that particular question!

tell him that

Have you realized you're a goy and that's why the Jews will always rule over you and your kind? Doesn't matter if you move to Idaho. You can't escape it.

Uh I think you realize that's not true, hence the worry.

How do you maintain your weight? Have you noticed that some behavior tends to pack on the pounds? How do you shed it?

paleo and hiking

You're absolutely in denial and avoiding the Jewish issue. You say you appreciate their scientific contributions. Contributions to economy, right? LOL

Don't use accusatory words to me, you dickwad.

My ancestry is Jewish but I'm an atheist. Am I eligible for NRx membership, even leadership?

NRx doesn't really have a membership, it's more of a salon. It's not really racially based so I don't think it really matters if you're Jewish. As for leadership it depends on how you define it. I've heard that Karl F. Boetel is Jewish, do you consider him a leader?

Who is the greatest cook you know? What do they make?

the greatest cook I know is my Russian grandmother. she makes all the classics of Russian cuisine, of which there are a great many.

What's the reason for the negatives in America (e.g. overconsumption, debt, militarism)? Has cross-breeding degenerated the genes? Many white Americans look weird and ugly. The gene aspect cannot be insignificant because the smartest people working in America are pure-bred, recent immigrants.

I have no idea

antidem is being mean to me again; please ask him to stop.

he's not a very mean person; if he's being mean to you you're probably provoking it.

America was always going to be a doomed experiment in nation-building. Even after centuries, it lacks distinct national character. Is there something in America that European countries lack?

it is too large and socially disconnected. that's all it is.

You look pure-bred. Not terribly slavic, more like northern and western Europe. It's not surprising you identify unapologetically with whiteness. You truly are one. Elite genes, tbh. Did your genes come from a small area, a single European state or neighboring states?

My genetic history is a little complicated, but the gist is that I'm half Cossack (subset of Russian), half some other kind of Russian (not sure the name for it but there is R1b admixture). The kind of Russian that I am is intermixed with R1b haplotype which is more Western European. It seems like some of my ancestors may have been imported from central Europe into Russia during the imperial period.

Has anyone ever told you that you give hope to us whites? You really brighten my day when I feel down. You're right about everything - except anime. But I forgive you that. It's probably some side-effect of being uber smart. You're so smart you probably don't even realize it. LOL

I'm happy to do that! I think whites need hope since we've been on the retreat for so long. Thank you for your kind words.

If people of last century were brought back would there be civil war, which would end only when modernity is removed? It seems likely. They wouldn't put up with any of this crap for a second. If true, all we need to do is bring back their values, right? Is that what NRx is trying to do?

too many questions

When'd you realize you're white? I wasn't aware until I had to interact with blacks and hispanics. The difference is stark as hell. Most whites I know seem oblivious of the obvious. Do you think they just don't speak about it? Did you remain silent about it before NRx or just didn't notice or care?

it's been rather clear I'm white since birth

Jewish supremacy is like saying water is wet. Are you disappointed that you weren't born a Jew, the master race of the world, the only full human beings, but a servant? By the way a Jewish flag was planted first on the Moon in a secret unfilmed ceremony. Infuriating, isn't it? Shalom, goy.


Do you envy the Jews?

No, I am completely at peace with what I am. I appreciate what the Jews have done scientifically and so on.

Patriarchy is finally over. Feminism has won. Why do you personally need feminism? I need it because I am a man.

I can't tell if you're serious or not :\

A socially just world is a diverse world, a colored world. But it won't be perfect. The only way to achieve true equality and justice is by the removal of all whiteness in all its pale, sickly forms. Prove me wrong. You can't. You're out of arguments. All you have is statistics - lies lies lies.

lol... okay

Being born white is an offense to every colored person, an offense to original humanity. Whiteness is an aberration, a mistake. Do you know how to atone for it? You can't. Your white genes are worthless. A superior person of color can only be created by persons of color.

are you just a white guy who is trolling?


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