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Chaudharywahab’s Profile PhotoAbdul Wahab Ali
I want to give it all up
I want to take it all out
I just want to say it out loud.
I want to push everyone away
I want no one around
I just want to lay down on a ground
I just want to stare at the sky
Want to swallow my sorrows
And try not to cry.
I want to get away
Away from all the fuss & insanity
To clear my head & keep my humanity.
It gets hard for me to breathe
In a place where cruelty leads
It gets hard to open up my eyes
When I'm only surrounded by lies.
Just sometimes,
I want my mind at peace
I want my soul to relax
I want my thoughts to be free.

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Say anything 🖤

You were busy, I understand.
You had work, I understand.
You had to go out with your family, I understand.
You had to hangout with your friends, I understand.
You needed a break, I understand.
You had no intentions to be rude but you were, It's ok I understand.
You are occupied, I understand.
You don't like what I like, I understand.
You don't want me to get mad at you, ok fine I understand nd i won't.
You were not in a mood, I understand.
You have different priorities, I understand.
You want me to work things out according to you? Ok i understand.
You don't wanna continue this? I understand.
You want me to respect your decisions nd don't bring up my choices? Ok I understand.
You don't wanna listen to my problems cuz you were busy nd now you're tired? I understand.
How long does one person have to understand? Do you know how much I wanna be heard?
How much I wanna be prioritized by my own damn people? How much tiring it is to be the one understanding others nd ignoring what I want? Just because someone understands you doesn't mean they always have to.

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