Ask @marcstaylit:

Is it weird to like your own posts?

no. if you don’t like what you post, why should anyone else?
i find it’s also a good booster for ppl to see it. my feed is set up to show posts my friends like, so i never see their own answers unless i go & seek out their page which ain’t nobody got time for 😂 love y’all tho 💞

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What motivates you in all aspects of life?

i’m self motivated, pretty much self sustaining.
it’s been a reality for me since i was born. i grew up in a culture obsessed with grinding, working hard and never fully enjoying the fruits. i’m breaking that cycle.
enjoying what your hard work produces is so vital bc there’s an innate craving to know that what we contribute is worth something and knowing that is enough motivation to last me two lifetimes 😌

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