Ask @marcstaylit:

My girl says I'm not romantic enough... how do I be more romance for her?? I was surprised for this becos I hold doors, make love to her daily, I just want girl happy????

know the difference between someone that really fw you and someone that just wants to keep you around.

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How much do you judge a person by their appearance?

to a certain extent. this is mostly due to the corporate culture i’ve been raised in that says appearance and first impressions are very meaningful. how someone dresses and presents themselves is a direct reflection of who they are. but is this always true? of course not, so i keep my assumptions to a minimum and remember what it feels like to be prejudged before knowing the facts.

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Say, all the people who have left the sites are back for one day. Who would you want to talk to first and what would you ask them?

i’d want to see how sammi was doing. (only @vforkate knows who this is, i think) we had the best rps on the *original* vwh and TTS. she was sooo great with capturing raw emotions and making you FEEL it; i laughed 😂 and cried 😭 a lot in those days . definitely made me a better writer. 💗 it was an awesome challenge trying to top each other.
was definitely a rare girl. i hope life is treating her exceptionally well.

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What's your plan for 2018?

i’ve set a lot of small manageable goals that will have a huge impact for the next few years. my parents encourage me to plan for the future, friends want me to live in the now.. have to find a good balance. but i’m reaping that good karma rn. sown those seeds and now they’re growing!

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