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Jealous of you? Pft you're not Kylie jenner. And trust me no one would be jealous of you. And fyi I was just asking

if you hate me this much you're clearly jealous babe. and when did i ever say i was kylie jenner? 'fyi' i've told u to fuck off multiple times so please listen this time thanks. also, unfollow me from instagram since you clearly don't want to see my pictures
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firstly why are you looking at my girlfriends boobs? like i don't remember you asking me if you can. and it's not like she's trying to show them off by purpose. and if she is its non of your business are you her dad? no you're not. you're a really annoying human being why are you even here-

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Yeah sure make excuses to show your boobs and stop being a bitch about it. Calm down

yeah i'm really the one being a bitch about this. and they aren't fucking excuses, it's true. if you're a guy, then you clearly don't understand and if you're female, you must be jealous or something to still be talking about a stupid subject. literally just fuck off and leave me alone
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That's not being rude, that's be asking and being honest. If you don't want people to talk about your boobs just don't post any picture showing cleavage or half of your boobs showing. Haven't you heard of constructive criticism?

if i want to show my cleavage i fucking will because they're MY boobs, it's picture of ME and if YOU don't like it then unfollow me and stop being sucha child. you make it seem like i make my cleavage show on purpose. yes, i have large boobs but that doesn't mean i can cover them 24/7 because it's actually quite difficult to wear what i want without them showing. oh and haven't you heard of not being an asshole? now, please leave x
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I'm just asking, since you're putting your boobs all over social media

i don't but even if i did, it's MY choice? nothing to do with you whatsoever and if you don't like it, unfollow me. take your rudeness elsewhere, thank you.
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Heyy , you're beautiful mashallla. I feel that u have a great attitude and kind. I wish we can have that small chat. I really wanna get to know uu pal?

thank you so much
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No problem. Aww I hope you two gets close again and be friends again, I talked to him before too and he's really nice and helped me through my hardest times!

yeah he's a v kind person
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( continue post because I cannot write more characters ) coz I thought you are really close friends wif him!

thank you sm & idk i guess we just drifted apart? and i don't think he uses social media much anymore so yeah

Hey Mariah! I want to ask your someting.... I had been following your account forever and I love your account?? Also I always seen @jeremyjanoskians comenting on your photos and you comenting on his. Why is it that recently both of you dont coment on each other anymore?Just curious?coz I thought


how many boyfriends had you have?

if you're asking how many boyfriends i've had then i'd love to say 0 but unfortunately that would be lying since i've had 2 but they both turned out to be assholes??

Since when did u start wearing a bra ?

i don't remember and it isn't any of your business anyway so


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