Ask @mariahlin17:

I saw it lol how old is u do you like guy or gurls lol

I don't have a limit. But I like guys and girls of my age and a little bit older like between 20-30s

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Do you have facebook or kik so i could sée a pic of you let me know

I got the Facebook but if you scroll down my page you'll see photos of me smart ass

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Where is it better for you to watch movies - at home or at a cinema? and why?

At home on Netflix because that I don't have to go out and spend money at a theater

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As a kid, what was worse, doing something bad and getting spanked or becoming sick and them using the butt thermometer?

Getting spanked

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Did your parents have those glass thermometers for when you got sick where there was one that came in a blue case and another that came in a red case?

Nope but I bet they had them when they were born

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