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So there’s this guy who used to like me who I now have a major crush on and we just started talking again (long story) and he doesn’t have his phone but I’m thinking about texting him bout how I missed talking to him so it’ll be something nice to come back to when he gets his phone back... bad idea?

So he didn't u tell where's he? Or what he doing he just let you go or what???

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Lmaooo little girl please 😚💁🏾‍♀️ Why don’t you try and sing circles around her, w/ your tone-deaf ass ?

Oh I don't say that I can sing well🤣I'm just tell you my opinion about her bec you ask me 😂😂😂but really she can't sing anymore 😁😁 I'm not going to ***** so speak politely with me😁

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+1 answer in: “First impression of this girl’s voice? 😚😍🎶”