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Do you hate your weight? i'm not saying your fat because you aren't, but girls are always generally self conscientious.


do you have an older brother? if so, you got any suggestions on how to get bros to back off, when they put you in a headlock?

Lol no I just have a younger brother, and just elbow them in the nuts when they do that and I'm sure they'll stop

If someone told you to go to their house for a little bit to hookup and leave would you?

No I'm not like that

Can we just drink smoke and hookup and have no strings attached?

Yes! DM me or something so I know who you are

Do you miss any people you knew in middle school?

Yeah! Like everyone I was friends with in middle school I miss bc we had so much fun and we were so innocent

how are you and giana gibbia friends?

We were in dance together in preschool and then for like 5 years we did everything together, we're not that close now but we used to be

What was the most weed have u ever smoked in 1 day?

Idk, it doesn't take a lot for me to get high so probably not that much

Well i need an honest answer before i blow up my spot

How can I tell you anything if I don't even know who you are. For all I know you could be an 80 year old man

Ill let u smoke my bong if u show me your tits when we chill

First DM me or something so I know who you are and then well talk about chilling

You and chelsea econs are cute we should split a bottle and smoke a bunch

Sounds like a plan!(; msg me and we will!

I graduated this year but we never talked before but your mad cute we should deff burn and chill sometime

DM me on twitter so we can start talking!(:


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