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Markson !!!

Happy birthday my baby Jackson! 💜🎉
You make me so happy happy💋
You're getting older yet you still act like a 5 years old kid hahah which is great actually because you're crazy and that makes me smile!😆 when you left my world collapsed and I was just waiting every fucking day for you to come back and tell me "Mark I'm not gonna leave you ever again", tell me you'll stay with me for ever! Just because that's all I want, for you to stay with me for the rest of my life. Only you're able to make my heart skip and only you can make butterflies in my stomach and only you can make me extremely happy!😚 we get into fights here and there but I can't stay mad at you or not talk to you for a long time. And when you're busy and don't come on here I'm just so lonely and I miss you so much! You were always the only one I could tell anything to, my dark secrets and the most embarrassing things. We laughed together if it was funny and we cried together if it was sad. I get so jealous when you talk to other girls or stuff like that because I loved you for as long as I remember and I'll always love you. I can't lose my feelings for you. I know it's ridiculous to say that to everybody but I don't care if people know how I feel. I get emotional pretty fast that's why I cried almost every night when you left and when you dated someone else, it just broke my heart but you know i tried to be strong (it didn't work pretty well) I got depressed and all. But that's just because I loved you so much that I was willing to do anything for you and I still am. I'd do anything for you! You're all I want in my life and I love you so mush the words can't describe it! So on this special day that you were brought to this world (gotta thank your mom again to give birth to you) I want you to be happy and smile till your cheeks hurt! Hope you'll always get what you want in your life and no matter what just remember I'll always be here for you supporting you and helping you if you'll ever need anything!
Happy birthday my Jackson❤️ I love you💋💕 @GOT7JacksonW

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