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I am on the verge of unloving you. I have reasons piled up till my neck to leave you behind and not look back. But that's the thing about love, right? The more you let it go, the more it comes back.
Yours is the kind of love that made me feel for the first time that it is here to stay. And before I could trust it enough and wrap my arms around it, I was way too far from my boundaries.
That's when I realised maybe the right decisions are the ones that hurt the most.
You promised a life of happiness, not fully knowing the weight of those words for a person who is constantly running away from it.
If shit goes sideways, I may not fight for you the way you would for me. But I will choose to relieve all the memories of us, until when that's all I would have left. If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that you would move Heaven and Earth for me even if I didn't ask you for it. You said you felt belonged to me. Love like this is terrifying.
Because even when we are not together, I know your mind wanders around me, searching for ways to love me more despite the distance.
And I? Even when I am right next to you, my mind is far away in the distant future, searching for ways to protect you from me.
Time, sits in a corner and laughs at me. It tries to tell me, walking out of someone’s life - there is no easy way to do it. But I am too stupid to listen.

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