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Should ppl have best friends of the opposite gender while in a relationship?

uxi72’s Profile Photo0_CrucialCody
Nothing wrong with it as long as they and you are respectful of your relationship. However , your spouse should be your best friend.

I'm in a relationship but have a friend who wants more. She got hurt that I didn't abandon my relationship for her. How can I keep her a friend without making her feel like an option or second option? I do like her, but the time is not right and may never be. Sad I may have to let the friend go.

If you’re serious about the current relationship you’re in knowing that your friend wants more , your friend is going to have to respect that and leave you alone. In fact , you should respect your relationship and girlfriend more than to keep another girl around knowing that she wants to be more than friends. There is nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex , it’s when boundaries are crossed that makes it a problem.

If 2 people are in love and believe they're soulmates 🙄 but seem to always bump heads and aren't doing anything to progress their lives individually, is life too short to part ways and focus on a better life or more success? Should they stay together and value their love more than $ or materials

Love or being in love should NOT cause you to lose yourself to the point where you are not making progress in your own individual lives. You can be in a successful relationship and still achieve your goals, and some couples have mutual or common goals to achieve -so it won’t seem unrequited like only one person is progressing in life while the other is just sitting back and doing nothing. It never works that way. Love and life progress should be a TEAM effort. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time, it’s toxic, and you should move on and focus on YOU. Especially if you’re always butting heads.

The reason why i asked about how my boyfriend is pushing me away is that we have child together and she in dcf custody right now. We both been fighting to get her back. We both been depressed ever sense. Like we would argue over the smallest things or he would call me names.we been together for 3yrs

simonespooner’s Profile PhotoSimone
If he’s calling you names , then that makes him less than a man to be disrespectful to the mother of his child. I know the both of you are going through something and I’m sure you have your moments too. During trying times it’s best to maturely be considerate of each others feelings and have effective communication because you both have the same goal at this point.
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A guy friend has romantic feelings towards me and I am unsure if I feel the same way. What do I do?

alaynecornell7’s Profile PhotoAlayne Cornell
Be honest with him so he can have the right to choose if he wants to keep pursuing you or move on to pursue someone else.

How do people get out of one relationship and start on the next right away?

HerStunninChaos’s Profile PhotoHerStunninChaos
I never could figure that out but in my opinion, those are rebound relationships used to attempt to conceal hurt and possibly accountability. It’s best to take time to heal then move on so you don’t have baggage in the next relationship for the new person to carry.

Do you ever try to find the silver lining in an unfortunate situation?

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan
Always. Life is too short to dwell on unfortunate circumstances.

What’s the best thing that an ex has done for you?

Maniikilo4’s Profile PhotoImani Walls
The best thing an ex has done was leave me alone after she was caught cheating on me with my “friend”. Had I not experienced that, I wouldn’t have met my queen 😍
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Why did you tell me you'd stay forever and didnt?

I think you have the incorrect person and should handle that with them personally. I’m in a committed relationship.


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