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How can I contact someone that has me blocked on everything??

Make a different account with different name & all lol

I’m depressed and I feel like I have no purpose or importance. I’m so lonely. If I go off anon and reach out to you will you be my friend? I’m desperate at this point. I need the support and I’ll be there for you too.

Yess of course. Please do ❤️

Why is it so hard for me to trust someone after being cheated on?

It’s completely normal. It just takes time.

If your ex going thru a lot would you still help them?

currently am going thru a lot myself & he is as supportive as an ex can be. So yes i would return the favor.

I’m a straight not lesbian but i wanna try and experiment w other straight girls. Is that normal?

Yasss. 😜


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