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What is the most craziest thing that you’ve ever done ?

that in was playing the j i was talking to myslef all week

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Have you ever seen the movie 8miles? What do you think of it ?

Omg yes i have i really like it i was in love wit that movie, i love the eminem raps

I like my friend. We play games together and he's really sweet and we kept kissing each other and calling each other cute and saying I love you and it was so nice but I cant tell if he likes me or is just being nice

Olay ma i have a friend like that whatever yall are is a great thing that means that he really like you and ur the one for him,

Happy Pride Month Everyone! 💗🌈🌈 It's that month all LGBTQIA+ get together and celebrate each other's orientation! I love you all!!!

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I love you too have an amazing day

I failed my 10th grade biology class and I have to retake the class but does that mean that I have to retake my other classes that I have passed?

I whould say that if you keep ur mind clean and dint do shit things and lestin to the sound of the wind and you well passed all ur classes

POV: You're getting your nails done at a place with coffin nail styles. It's up to your decision which kind of colors/decore you want. What do you pick? 1: Vibrant shades, 2: Dark gothic, 3: Glitter!, 4: Anime themed, 5: Pastel, 6: Other (tell me which one if you pick other)

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Idk cause i dont get mu nalis done that much

What would you do if your boyfriend has been running for a while with his best friend, his Best friends girlfriend, and a running group. Then his ex from a while ago joins in. His ex girlfriend happens to be his best friends girlfriends cousin. Do you have the right to be upset?

I whould say no cause thats not my thing to know but if it was my bf and his ex gf yah i well be upset

Hello, you have received the 3rd shoutout I sent about a hint of who your girlfriend/boyfriend is. Your hint is that they have black or blonde hair.

I well shoutout 5 people

People need to learn to come up with some interested questions, instead of repeated ones over and over.

Yes, most people have do thing really good or they wont thing right uk

Sorry for so many shutouts. Im little bored. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂🙃

No you all good ma im bored to im just in snap uk

Do you like sweet candy or sour candy ?

I like sweet candy cause i have to have sweet in my own body uk


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