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So if you really like someone, would you just take the risk and outright tell them, or would you just wait to see if the feelings are mutual? I’m really trying to figure out if I should just speak my peace or not. I’m afraid though. ha

Go tell them. Be brave!

What do you do if you found true love, but you can’t be together?

Hmm I would just watch them and be happy for them. Even just having a simple conversation with them would make my day. Knowing they are okay.

Tell me a secret of yours ?

My secret is is I hate seeing someone sad. So I do everything in my power to cheer them up.

so ik it’s the 23rd but i couldn’t think of any good resolutions until now.... would u say it’s too late to start it?

No, its never to late to start changing for the better :)

What's your today midnight thoughts ?

Usually I wake up and think about scary shit :)) and then I cant go back to bed.

If you could have lunch with ONE person living or dead who would it be and why?

My grandmother

You have an opportunity to make one person absolutely happy, but not yourself. Who would it be?

My twin sister!

You always scold yourself for...?

being a pushover sometimes I have to practice saying no to people.

what is your criterion to accept someone on snapchat?

I don't have any. Just as long as you are not weirdo we are good.


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