Ask @maryamjss:

are you currently studying at soas whilst also being at Georgetown Qatar? are you doing a year abroad? Or did you transfer? Sorry I don’t want to come off as nosy, but I was just curious as I’m in a us system uni for undergrad and wanted to move to the uk. Would be appreciative of any advice :))

I left Georgetown after a semester and reapplied as a fresh undergrad for SOAS (I had already finished my foundation course there prior to getting into GU). I didn’t transfer. I think you need to contact the universities you want in the UK and see what they think is best because I believe it depends on the credits you took in the US system ☺️ Good luck! 💕

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Where can I find out info how to go for studying abroad? can you advice any agencies?

I don’t know any agencies for that unfortunately. And to be honest I find it way better to just do that search yourself; or just get the basic search from an agency then deeply look up everything yourself, because it gets you familiar with everything and have more options. Sorry I can’t be of any help :(

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