Ask @masa537:

Something you learned on ? 😂

H a S s A n
Improve my English language by talking with other nationalities, as well learned about other cultures..especially i follow different people from different contaries..

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قال عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه: عليك بإخوان الصدق فعش في أكنافهم فإنهم زين في الرخاء وعدة في البلاء. التفسير نزل على صفحتنا 😊😊

الجنة غايتنا

Alwayz about studies :P hard worker really :)

Oh yeah what can i do..this is my life Mohamed Moosa, How can I become a successful doctor.. return to my parents, my house and carrying my degrees to raise my head in front of them..So all my thinking with well my mid term exams already start..

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What fact do you wish you had never learned?

Its Abi Malik
Hypocrisy at the expense of sincerity, lack of interest in others, selfish and the most thing hurt me,, is i'm from this world...... all of these things I used to know that it is not beautiful and exist in the world.. But when I see it according my eyes,i surprised as if i hear about it for the first time!! Especially when i enter to college..

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What’s the toughest decision you've made this year?

Even if i have one decision or many of decisions,, if i change many points of my personality,, i am still "SAFA"

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