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Degree complete ni hui thee to rishtaydaaro ko result ki fikar hoti thee. Ab wo complete ho gae hai to job or shadi ki fikar hai. Ajeeb. Meri Zindagi hai fikar in ko hai.

Bss zindgi ko hii nahi fikar 😔🔫

My mother is 55 years old She is alone . My father doesnt live with her. She cooks, cleans, say her prayers, do zikr. I feel bad about her loneliness. She cannot go out and meet her siblings. I was thinking about is there anything she can do on her phone that can make her happy and distracted?

She should watch old dramas of her time may be she found them nostalgic

Kia karunnnnn mujhayyyyy pasand aaaaaarhaa haiiiii woooo 😭

Just block him iss se phehlay baat hath se nikal jaein self respect ki dahjiyian urr jaeinn 🤡🙂
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