Ask @Matronedea:

I say rock it, girl! As a friend once told me "Life's too short to wear underwear (or in this case bikinis) that cover your entire butt!"

I will in front of the right people.

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Why'd you move?

Home ownership is the cool thing to do. Unless you like avocado toast.
But I actually eat an avocado a day so I guess that's BS.

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question will u go out with a guy with a foot fetish

Would I? I wouldn't know. I mean, I wouldn't know until after we had been together for awhile. I don't think Justin has any fetishes like that, so... Irrelevant, I guess.

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Who is the last person you burned a bridge with? No specific names needed, but how did you know them and what led to the decision?

Probably my best friend of five years. I unfollowed her on twitter and she's hated me ever since.

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If you worked for the government as Edward Snowden did and you had access to information that showed the government doing illegal things would you release it to the public?

Probably, if I had nothing to live for (no family to take care of or whatever).

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