Ask @Matronedea:

Yes but it sounds like you had an open relationship with his permission and then fell in love or something (which I doubt you are in love, you just met the guy right?). Then you say you aren't into polyamory, but you wanted an open relationship anyway. You either lied to him, or misled him.

Nope. I've been friends with the guy for 6 months, always got along with him really well and talked pretty regularly. When I told Bryce I was falling for the other guy, Bryce said it was fine and that he just wanted to be the primary. I figured it would work, but found myself wanting to be with Justin more and more, and felt less and less attracted to Bryce.
I didn't want to hurt Bryce's feelings, then I decided I didn't want to be unhappy forever. I think I misled myself (by marrying him and thinking it would be fine, even if I wasn't in love) and maybe misled him by misleading myself.
Like I said, though, once I realized that Justin's happiness was more important to me than Bryce's, I ended the relationship with Bryce.

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How have you changed politically over your lifetime?

I haven't changed much. I've always been pretty liberal. I'm slightly more conservative now than I was 10 years ago.
For the most part, I think people should quit killing each other and themselves, that having more money/being white/being straight/being male shouldn't mean that you get better healthcare and privileges, and that somehow equates to being liberal as fuck.

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You seem like the last person who would be into a open relationship. What tips would you give to those who may want to pursue that choice?

I think someone who's actually against them would be less likely than me <.< I wanted one with my ex (from a few years ago) but he wouldn't agree to it. Bryce agreed to it so he could keep me. That didn't end up working, because I didn't actually want to be with him anymore.
I would also say that I'm a terrible person to ask for tips, because I'm generally a ridiculously loyal person, and don't feel any attraction (besides "Oh, he's hot" or something) for anyone else. Polyamory is not my thing.
Honesty is important, to yourself and to your partner. I wasn't honest; I was with Bryce because he was the first guy to not hit me or /actually/ cheat on me. I thought I was being practical. After awhile, I realized that I shouldn't be married to someone because it's the logical thing to do.
So. Let's see. Tips from someone who shouldn't be giving advice:
Be honest
Don't do it for the wrong reasons
Ask my friend Charlie for advice because he's better at these than I am
...but don't think of people as flavors of chips ^.^

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