Ask @matthewscott10:

How to make a woman happy?

We'll first of all you have to be willing to get things for her tampons pads etc.
second if your out in public and she asks you told hold her purse hold her purse
Third if she wants to paint your nails then let her
Fourth if she says she doesn't want anything for Christmas or her birthday but her something any ways
Fifth if she ask can you do my hair we'll the. You do it
Sixth if she says um not feeling good can you come over you get there as fast as you can
Seventh if she wants chocolate get her more then one kind and more then one bar
Eighth text her when you get up with good morning gorgeous or something that will make her feel good and before you go to sleep say goodnight beatiful
Ninth if your with your friends kiss her anyways
Tenth if she plays any sports make sure you go to the must of her games as you can
Eleventh if she's cold give her your jacket or sweater
Twelveth if she asks if she can wear one of your sweater say yes and let her keep it for a couple of days
Thirteenth treat her good make sure she knows she's the only one your thinking about
Fourteenth if she looks sad ask her why and she says nothing you say. I tell me
Fifteenth if she runs up to you crying and starts hugging you hug her back then ask her who's ass your kicking first
Sixteenth she not going to text you first you text her
Seventeenth if your with your friends let her sit beside you and introduce her to them
Eighteenth if she ask why you like her so much you tell her exactly why you think she is the greatest in the world
Nineteenth if she say I'm kinda sore you give her a back rub foot rub etc.
twenty if she ask how do you think I look today. You tell her she she looks super pretty and her smile is perfect
Twenty one treat her with respect

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