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Mattie! I'm so glad we're talking again! I miss you so much! We need to hang out soon. Anyway, you're such a sweet and nice girl. You're also really fun to talk to, and really smart n' funny! Any guy would be lucky to have you! Hope you're liking high school! Text me! Grade: A+

Awe thanks!! I'll text you!

Imitate me, poop.

isabelkayleexo’s Profile PhotoIsabel Villano
"She's ratchet"
"I'm ratchet"
"Where's my phone?"
"Are you stupid or dumb?"
"I'm gonna be a slut in college"
"I'm hungry"
"I have to pee"
"Oh you play baseball?"
"I bought makeup and only spent 3 million dollars"
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What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Working out.
Working out a way to eat ice cream and donuts at the same time.

There are calms between storms, days when we lose faith, days when our allies turn against us, but there is never a day when we foresake ourselves.

Thanks man, thanks.
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Hey your homecoming dress is not freaking slutty. And if yours is then I'm screwed.

Haha thanks. But which dress are we talking about?

What was the worst part about homecoming?

There wasn't a "worst" part. It was actually kind of fun, I just don't think it's quite my scene.

It sounds like the Sienna Dani Zachary group was drama central once again. Thoughts?

I don't really pay attention to other people's drama. Sorry.

I really had no idea of all this homecoming BS but please know I care about you, always have always will. Looking forward to seeing you and isabel at the dance, I hope non of this ruined everyone's friendships because its pointless

Well thanks McKenna, but I think some friendships are a little damaged right now.

What happened with you and Payton? I used to see you two talking all the time in the halls and now you don't anymore?

I'm not sure right now. I'm trying to figure some stuff out myself.

All I'm saying is that us girls didn't say you couldn't take pictures, it was the guys who didn't want you to and didn't really have anything to do with Isabel

Yeah so no one stood up for me. How do you think that makes me feel? I don't want to start shit again, but this whole homecoming fiasco really hurt my feelings and I'm not sure any of you really care. Well it's obvious you didn't care about me.

Just want to point out that Mattie actually did make the choice to not go to dinner with her friends because the reason they didn't want her to goes was because I was coming and she made the choice to still go with me. So actually, she's right and bye.

isabelkayleexo’s Profile PhotoIsabel Villano
That's the truth, yo.
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Actually you didn't decide not to, the people in the group told you that you can't come

Why the hell I'm I getting into this with you? You're fucking anonymous. If you want to talk shit and be like this message me on facebook.

So they just let Jillian into there group for homecoming, that you wish you were in. But yet they never let you in?

I don't wish I was in it. I made the conscious decision not to go with them. And honestly I don't really care. I'm going with two fantastic people and we are going to have a BLAST!
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