Ask @maullarmaullar:

When it comes to consoles, do you prefer Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo? Which is your fave console from them?

i use sony consoles, but only because they have exclusives i want (MGS legacy collection, fate/extella, SRW V, persona 5...) as for my favorite sony console, i actually really like the PS3. less bloatware and more customizability than PS4, free online play, enormous library, and it costs less than $100 used. i do think the dualshock 4 is a superb controller though

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What's with this whole "elven superiority" thing? Why are so many elves xenophobic racist assholes when all they do is climb trees all day?

"I'll have you know I've never climbed a tree in my life! Well, besides this one time when I was little and the mean old lady next door died while walking her two poodles, and the little monsters chased me up a tree. Gosh, I must have been sitting there for 4, 5 hours before Mom came home from her job at Taco Time. By that time the dogs had left without me noticing and Mom didn't believe that they'd been there, so she yelled at me for sitting in a tree when I was supposed to start the rice cooker for dinner.
I'm over it, though. The time Maullar brought home a Shigure dakimakura and I hid in my room and cried for 3 hours had NOTHING to do with that."

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Whats with this whole elven superiority thing Why are so many elves xenophobic