Ask @maulnisa:

Pernah nggak lo berikir bahwasanya, lo itu merasa kurang di percayai oleh orang sekitar? dan apa yang akan lo lakuin biar kepercayaan mereka terhadap lo nggak goyah lagi?

Trying my best to help them. On anything. And of course keep my words and never telling a lie.
But sometimes u have a toxic society around you they don't believe you just because they're a bad people. Not because what you do. So for this kind of people. Let them be. No need to makes my self too tired thinking about this

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Gimana perasaan lo ketika lo lagi di mall atau lagi jalan ketemu sama mantan ? dan apa yang lo lakuin saat itu terjadi ? Tbh ya ❤️️

Another answer about ex. 😄哈哈
For me. I will say hi to him. Doing a nice thing. To show him i am getting better without him. :) 🤣✌

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