Ask @maulnisa:

Gimana pendapat kalian tentang pacar kalian yang terbuka sama masa lalunya yang sudah tidak perjaka/perawan , yg dulunya hobi ajojing dan lain sebagainya. Klo mnrt gw B aja asl mw berubah.secara kita hidup dijaman now.dgn pergaulan yg sedemikian bebas apalagi ketika jauh dr ortu. Menurut kalian gmn?

Yes. Absolutely agree.
As long as they wanna change to be better.
Be don't have any right to look down them.
Everybody deserve a second chances to fix their mistakes. Coz nobody's perfect rigt?

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Bentuk prestasi itu apa aja ya? Apa harus menang dulu baru bisa disebut prestasi?

If you ask my opinion about this. So i would like to say. Not.
I think even you have a little mind to changes yourself to be better its already an achievement.
I respect the process. When you try to do that. Wether its gone success or fail its okay. One movement was the biggest achievment for me

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