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Big summer plans

colorado, wyoming, montana, new york, florida, canada, mexico

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When's the last time you played scorpion

about a week ago

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Ever play scorpion


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Who are you with in that pic?

dakota, ashley

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Shorts pic

don't mind my ratchet hair

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Lake pic

don't have one

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I am really shocked and dumbfounded why no one has swept you off your feet.

lol haha

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in the lake

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Pap in a bikini?

How tall are you?

5 ft

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up for a challenge


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Not only legs----everything

thank u

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You have nice legs

thank you

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no but here's some hot pizza rolls

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wyd rn

face timing ashley

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sorry that nobodys going

oh it's fine idc😂

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going to sonic today not chick-fil-a

not anymore

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are you currently seeing anyone?


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Who's the strongest girl out of your friends


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