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امته ممكن تدي فرصة تانية لشخص خذلك؟

انا ببقي حابه ادي فرص وكتير كمان بس فيا حته صعبه ان اللي بحبهم مينفعش يغلطوا ليه يغلطوا اساسا ، ف الفرصه هتبقي بااايخههه وفي حذر ديما ومش هتبقي ألطف حاجه.

What personality trait do you value most, and which do you dislike the most?

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I value loyalty and responsibility very much. I love people I can trust and rely on through the good and the bad.
I hate it when people are careless, selfish and rude and then just say they're "honest". What kind of hypocrisy gets on my nerves because I can spot it right away.


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