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Is it really possible to maintain a friendship with an ex?

Yeah Only When Someone Is Opposite Gender From Me

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Let's play 10 question.

Whats Your Favorite Flower? Sunflower
What’s A Cavity On Tooth? Molar Enamel Back Teeth
What’s A Chipped Tooth? Behind Front Tooth
Who’s Your Ex? E

Whats Des Timeline?

2014 Lasts 3 Months Stayed in Mercury
2015 Moved Off in Mercury To Jupiter Near Mercury That Last One Year
2016-2020 Moved On Other Planets Until
2021 Earth Searching For Looks in 2022

What Will Technology Controls Trips Look Like?

Gone For 2 Weeks Survival Vacation Out Of Mercury Open Outside But Can’t Reach Earth But Nearer Small Planets Thats Not Jupiter Near Mercury That Last For One Year

What You Always Tell Tech About?

i Know Just Leave Her isolated Move Off Of Her! She OnLY Looks At OnLY Me OnLY

Wheres de?

Somewhere in Earth Looking For Me Give U Hint Hardest Password To See Her It Will Take Years To Get To This Earth From Mercury Technology Controls

I love you. Never stopped loving you..I am here for you just as I was yesterday, today I am here, tomorrowwww I am here..just as I will be 4ever. 💋. Get ready my love. 💋

Your Crazy

I’m not “stalking” or even looking at any of ur socials. I’m not trying to get u to talk to me, or to weasel/ “butt” into ur life again. I’m not interested. I remember u fondly (the good times), and hope everything works out for u. But it’s over. No worries. No hard feelings. No need for forgiveness

i’m not being de-er


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