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Over the years I always thought I was the one to blame for the separation of my parents. They divorced when I was 2 in 1992. And I always thought the reason they split up was because of me and I always thought it was My fault , should I blame myself for the divorce did they do it because of me ?

Go somewhere and be kind to yourself for like seven days straight you’ll feel better

Just found out my girlfriend has been seeing both my cousin & my best friend in a polyamorous relationship. I still love her a lot, should I stay with her & join the polycule or just move on?

Maury povich ?

I’m just waiting on you to change. I’ll be here when you finally do. I’ll be all yours. Until then. Do you like coffee?

Who are you ? Unusual place to express your feelings like that . Ijswtf

Are you laying in bed thinking about someone you love?.?

Yes and they just told me there thinking of me too.

In the seconds before you die, you are allowed to know everyone who was secretly in love with you at some point. Do you want to know?


Would you ever be the side chick/dude?

Side chick I don’t date so I never had to make this choice

Do you ever send romantic text messages to your crush?

Lols I’m not crushing on another person lol

Have you ever worried about your significant other’s ex?

I’m not understanding I don’t have a significant other wym

I wish you knew I constantly think about you. and make scenarios in my mind of you and me.

Wrong person

I’m not abusing you. I moved on. Do you blame me? You constantly shut me out and lied to me. You wanted me around as an option. I found someone who wanted me as a priority.

Wrong person


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