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I think Halat control ho rahay he. 🇵🇰🇮🇳 nai ?

Nai meri jaan kuch bhi nai sahe Blkay halaat or kharaab ho rahay hy ye yad rakhiye . Ye jou khamoshi ye ye bohat bari tabahi ki Alamat hy woh bohat kuch plan kar rahay hy . Halat 100% mai say 1% bhi nai sahi . Allah Pakistan ki hifazat karay ❤ Ameen 🇵🇰
Pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰❤

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one line /thoughts for the girls do best courses but end up being house wives?#untrending 💯

If they sit home it doesn't means they forgot what they learned if they don't want to do a job it's upto then but If someday there husband can't work with some reason they'll have skill and degree which will help the whole family. So tbvh it doesn't matters.

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