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Anyone know how to get rid of back acne I have tried everything I could think of since I was a little girl and it still won't go away

-use an exfoliator in the shower (not every day) as well as your fav acne wash or use sea breeze or witch hazel
-when taking a shower wait untill you’re almost done to do your acne treatment because conditioner is not a good factor in your acne
-take your usual warm to hot shower the when you’re done washing , shampooing , conditioning , and what ever turn the water on a more cold setting when you start the acne treatment, because cold water washes bacteria
-after the shower and the treatment use a moisturizer , I personally love water creams
-when ever you get the chance to not wear a shirt , take it because your back needs oxygen
-if you go to the gym or sweat in any way shower do the acne routine above and change immediately into a different outfit
:) hope this helped , look at me being all helpful nd stuff

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