Ask @mcxminne:

I'm doing good too, just have a lot of homework and stuff from school 😊 I'm really glad to see you more active lately ❀️ Oh, and that story idea I told you about... I think I maybe will post it soon πŸ™ˆ

that's good to hear!! i'm glad you didn't give up on it :) you have my full support, good luck bb~

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Wow I really LOVE Nepenthean Encounters!!! It's my favorite story now, probably on the entire site. Such a beautiful, heartwarming story and the way that you wrote it made it feel so real. Thanks for sharing this masterpiece, I'll be looking forward to anything else you may post πŸ˜†

u w u
tysm! i'm really glad you loved it c:
i actually have quite a bit of the sequel written already, but i'm a little wary of posting it since i'm afraid of ruining the story >.<

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Did you know SHWTD is the top voted m-rated Sebaek fic? And it totally deserves the spot! I can't tell you how much I love it, it's literally my favorite Sebaek story ever. Thanks for continuing it author-nim. I'll always support you and always wait patiently for you ❀️❀️❀️

oh wow, i did not know that :o
huhu tysm~ you're such a sweetheart 😘

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do you have any exo x oc recomendations?

you're asking the wrong person lol, i don't read many oc fics πŸ˜‚
i read bagging eggs by sarah (vexedstars) a while back? that one was really cute. skim through her list of stories and i'm sure you'll find something you'll like, she's a great writer ☺️ i've also heard good things about yifanforever's stories..
uhhh help guys? πŸ˜… anyone else have any suggestions?? (go ask @booksofmoe , you'll most likely have better luck with her lol)

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I'm a rookie author and I've been seeing a lot of blogs about what make authors seem inexperienced/stale or like they're not good writerr (like using cliches) and it makes me self conscious about my stories...since you are are a author I look up to a lot I want to ask if you ever felt like this?

tbvh no one should be telling you how you should or shouldn't be writing //your// stories :/ everyone likes different things, and even though those people may not like certain tropes, there are many others who do. i, for one, love clichΓ©s.
i can only advise you to not let what others are saying affect you or your will to write. don't pay attention to them. if you want to write something clichΓ©, write it. if you want to go for something bizarre and out there, do it. you gain experience from writing and trying out new things, so don't be discouraged and just do you c:

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ne is so beautiful. i love how realistic it is and i love the little lessons about family and such that little jae talked about (like how all families are different and some can have two moms or two dads, etc). it's such a heartwarming story and is definitely now one of my all time favorites <3

tysm! i'm glad you liked it~ c:

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