The way you study till you can be a successful doctor?

To be a very sucessful doctor is still a journey for me, not yet there. To be successful student is to have the right attitude. Make yourself teachable, approachable and ready to ne inspired by others who are better than you. One trick I've learnt so far is to ask the right question instead of just giving the right answer. For me, learning does not happen between you and your notes and books, learning came from every aspects of your senses. Mingle around with succesful people, learn from them. It makes you a better doctor rather than a book doctor. Speak about it, listen about it, see everything related to it, taste the greatness of it and feel the values in it. A good doctor is not the one with the highest qualifications nor the one with mountain-high ego, a good doctor is the one with smiles always which makes people feel easy, safe and healthy when they are with them. On top of that, success is not as simple as achieving, only consider yourself successful when you can start giving and contributing. Regards.

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