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So my bday is coming soon n my fiancé sort of is asking what gift should I gift you? We are pretty formal so should I just let him choose or just let him know what I want? Advice pls

itsmehmoona2004’s Profile PhotoMehmoona
Let him to choose for you. You might get the idea of his likes as well.

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I hate my toxic attitude. I suddenly get angry or sulky. My mood swings often attack. I get hurt easily even for superficial reasons. But when I am asked why I am not going to say why. Just expect short & cold replies. So yeah, I am not surprised if people get tired of me

Do you really mean your first sentence?

Larka jitna bhi acha jawab dede, aane sirf 4 hi likes hain ginti k. On the other hand, I've seen females with just a word reply and she's got 40 like, 50 coins idk a mercedes too 😶🙄 #nahichalega

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Mujhe to ye bhi ni aate ab.😂. If you se my last 20-25 answers. Mostly don't have much likes. Or wo bhi sb se pehle @Taehunghh a jay to. Warna 0.😂. Whenever i receive likes, shru k 3 issi k hote hain baaqi inke followers k.😂
Apke 4 bhi bht hain😂

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How do you feel when a person risks his life for you? Stepping into danger situations for you. Fights for you. Makes sure you laugh when you're with him. Can go to any heights to prove his love for you. Never let you get hurt and instead can sacrifice his life for you.

Really feel safe and confident to have dad in life.

Worst thing your parents did to you? "My parents are angels and can't do anything wrong" walay log please refrain to answer this question or you might invite a disaster🙂

memoonanasir77’s Profile Photoمیمونہ
Ikhtelafat to her rishte me hote hain. Yahan bhi. But i want to know what do you mean by disaster? 😂

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