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Mary Dillon
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mary dildo what is up

U like Danny Collins

Danny Collins

hi Danny Collins idk who u r

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Twerk on my dick

What do you want right now?

What makes you laugh the most?

maleekers bobeekers

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Where do you feel most safe?

probs the ghetto

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Have you been to any cool concerts lately?

What are your favorite junk foods?

pretty much everything

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Maeve Anderson

my nigga

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Do you talk to black guys?

¿¿not really??

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dill pickle why you don't love me

I do

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I love you dill pickle


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Who do u hang out with

my fish and my moms pretty cool

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Mike Mcdevitt

i don't really talk to him sometimes we hangout and i think he's going out with maeve still

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Do u have a shadow for tomoro or Monday ??

i have one monday

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Mary u so fine.please be mine. You so hot anyone who disagrees is a blind thot.

oh thanks :))))

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Seamus tolley


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Danny kinnerk


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Brian brady

swine flu

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If u were a tree you would be a good tree. (;

I don't know what to reply ahahahah

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Ur so swaggy im jelly

that's just what I do best

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Who was the last person you gave a gift to?

hmmmm I made brownies for Neena???

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Ur mom

what about her

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I heard what u did Saturday


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