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hey! was wondering if you did vlog when going to the clubs in korea or any part of the getting ready for clubs process either in your 2013-2014 or 2015 trip? I'm planning a trip to korea in jan 2016 with 4 of my friends so this would be highly helpful!! thanks very much :)

No we didn't vlog in clubs or getting ready. But what we can tell you is that clubbing in Korea is quite casual in terms of what you wear. We simply wore a sweater, jeans and heeled boots since it was winter. Hope this help. :)

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Hi^^ just wondering when u stated you spend around 4000 for shopping expenses in seoul does this include both of your expenses or each? Also is it in aud or usd? As me and my friends are planning to go for around 17-18 days this sep however we dont know exactly or around how much is needed, tqvm!

This is each of us and it was in AUD.

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Hi you guys mentioned that you sent package to Australia. I wonder which post office you guys went to? Did you guys use EMS or normal air parcel or surface parcel and how long did the package arrive to your house? I wonder if you guys recorded a video about it and on which day was it? thanks!

We went to a post office in Hongdad, yet we don't know how to explain the exact location. Also we sent it via EMS and the package took around 4days- up to a week (max) to arrive. We went to the post office in our Day 21 vlog, however there is also more information about sending post back from our Korea Trip Guide (
Hope this helps. :)

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