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How did you guys save money so well? any tips? ^^;

We saved money over a long period time since we knew that we wanted to go on the trip. Also we would save weekly and limit our spending depending on the things that we needed. This was hard but worth is since we got to splurge all at on go.
Some tips:
- Have a goal and set aside some money each week for saving and make sure you stick to the plan
- Think do you really need the item before purchasing
- Bring packed lunches instead of buying lunch haha.

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Hey Diemmy and Michelle! I am doing my HSC this year any advice? And can I ask what was your Atar?

Hi there! Just prepare your notes and memorise everything before the exam. Practice past papers as well - that helps a lot, especially because they sometimes use the same question but make small changes to it. Also prepare and practice essays. Also another important aspect is balance - make sure you have elements of studying and free time. All the best!

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what are some reasons you guys love korea? do you think it is better than australia?

There's many things we love about Korea - the night life, the endless cafes, great shopping, good food and just the society. However, we can't say we think its better than Australia since we went there for a holiday, as opposed to living in Australia. However, every country has its pros and cons.

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is the legal drinking age in Korea 19 or 20 (in terms of international age) also, does it matter if your birthday hasn't passed yet to reach the exact age (but born on legal year)

We understand that the legal drinking age can be confusing and sometimes it can be confusing for us to explain it as well. But the international age is 18 i.e. the Korean legal age is 19. We believe you just have to be born in the legal year i.e. your birthday does not need to pass yet. For instance, it is currently 2015 - so to be considered legal in Korea, you have to be born in 1997.

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