Ask @mdzanime:

What happened to your blog? I think that girlfriend of yours is not turning out to be a good company. If she were, you'd still be doing reviews. Dump her and come to us.

The blog is inactive right now because I don't really want to pay hosting fees for a site I don't intend to use too much in the near future. This is contingent and subject to change; I still have the files & domain.
I don't think my girlfriend is to blame for me not choosing to do reviews.
1. If I prioritize something enough, I can make enough time for it. Right now, I have free time, but I prefer to spend it consuming other media (e.g. occasional anime, korean dramas, and gaming).
2. Reading visual novels don't really interest me right now. This is the culmination of a gradual decline of interest in the medium (as evidenced by more irregular reviews beginning early this year). As a collateral note, visual novels require a significant time & energy investment, neither of which I want to pay.
3. My interest in the medium requires me to be fully enamored in it emotionally. Right now, I don't have or want to have the capacity to do this. Visual novels have always been one of my hobbies; not a defining part of who I am (e.g. I'm not the football player who looks at himself as a 'footballer'; I'm just a visual novel enthusiast).

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What did your first week of work consist and how were your classes like?

The first week of work for the classes consisted mostly of readings, with the exception of some written assignments for my legal writing class.
My classes were basically as you would find in a college lecture, although the majority of the professors that I have cold-called on students, asking them questions concerning both the reading & the class.

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Hi I believe that you are an awesome person, and I also believe that we have a lot in common. I want to know, why do you want to be a lawyer ?

Hmm, that's a good question. I think the most accurate answer would be that I don't really know (yet).
If I had to rationalize an answer, I'd argue it'd be because it's a type of job which utilizes my abilities well, a type of job which I can see myself doing, a type of job which pays well, and because it's a type of job with power.

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