What happened to your blog? I think that girlfriend of yours is not turning out to be a good company. If she were, you'd still be doing reviews. Dump her and come to us.

The blog is inactive right now because I don't really want to pay hosting fees for a site I don't intend to use too much in the near future. This is contingent and subject to change; I still have the files & domain.
I don't think my girlfriend is to blame for me not choosing to do reviews.
1. If I prioritize something enough, I can make enough time for it. Right now, I have free time, but I prefer to spend it consuming other media (e.g. occasional anime, korean dramas, and gaming).
2. Reading visual novels don't really interest me right now. This is the culmination of a gradual decline of interest in the medium (as evidenced by more irregular reviews beginning early this year). As a collateral note, visual novels require a significant time & energy investment, neither of which I want to pay.
3. My interest in the medium requires me to be fully enamored in it emotionally. Right now, I don't have or want to have the capacity to do this. Visual novels have always been one of my hobbies; not a defining part of who I am (e.g. I'm not the football player who looks at himself as a 'footballer'; I'm just a visual novel enthusiast).

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