Ask @mdzanime:

Do these high tier law schools care for what undergraduate school you went to? What else do they care for?

I don't think they care that much (this is the official stance taken by most top law schools, and is generally echoed).
They care mostly about LSAT and GPA. (I'd say 55/50% respectively). The remaining 5% would include softs, like extra-curriculars and awards.
Oh, being a URM helps a lot (generally, if you're Mexican or AA).

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Hey, is everything alright there in the UCLA? I heard that there was an attack.

Yeah, it turned out to be a murder-suicide.
I was fine, as I was in my dorm for the entirety of it. Class got cancelled -- which is sort of bad, because one of my professors planned to throw a party (I feel bad for him, having gone through the preparations).
Most of my friends are fine too. Some of them were locked down on-campus (e.g. in lecture or in the libraries). My Japanese language partners checked up on me too, which was unexpected but nice.

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Are there subjects/writing styles etc you feel poor at in JP? If so, how do you plan to remedy?

i don't know if I understand the question.
In the scope of Japanese, I'm mediocre at writing and speaking. My pronounciation game is generally on-point, if I've heard the word spoken at least once (since I'm familiar with another East Asian language). But, when it comes to constructing on-the-spot sentences, because I don't actively practice it, I'm trash at it.
I don't have any plans in the near future to remedy this, as I don't find it too important to my interests.
In the scope of reading Japanese visual novels, I'm weak at reading works reliant on beautiful sounding prose. In order to appreciate a work on this level, you have to intuitively 'get' the sound in your head, without sluggishly reading it or reading it for only pure meaning .
I'm bettering this by reading more works.

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Why do you even trust EGS? If I remember correctly, PurexConnect was one of the top-rated games last year.

EGS & VNDB are both solid sources for aggregating popular opinion.
They more often over-rate games than under-rate them. I'd rather read a potentially great work than a work that I know nothing about and have no interest in.
There's not a lot of 'kamige' works (by critical opinion) that don't have a corresponding, higher EGS score. So, I think it's reliable in that respect.

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as far as I know, hapymaher is the most well regarded purple game, so no idea why you chose to play chrono clock or mirai nostalgia. you should play it (your opinion on purple-san will probably change)

Unfortunately, looking at Purple Software's art gives me flashbacks of mediocrity.
I'll definitely give the new work a shot regardless if it debuts quantitatively well (80+ on EGS).

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