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Are you still traumatized by stuff that happened to you in highschool?

No I don't hold grudges I just get revenge

What type of stuff do you do in your spare time?

Binge watch shows, eat, sleep, work, sometimes go outside when they let me

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Don't stop shining. Never dim your light for anyone. Understand?

What if the batteries go dead or the power goes out then what?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

A failed piece of shit that no one cares about! Then I realize wait it's fun house mirror so it made me feel better!

what do you think about abortion

It should be left up to the individual to choose shouldn't be forced unless it's in extreme circumstances where it has to be. It's a hot topic for sure religiously I feel even God would give us the right to choose he would be sad about us not making the right decision but ultimately he put us on this earth for us to have our own free agency to make decisions and to make mistakes. We choose our own path but in the end it's going to determine wether we end up in heaven or hell so that's why we need to choose wisely.

You’re mad at the wrong person and you don’t even realize it

Am I now? Welli guess I better find the right person to be mad at

Do you like when guys buy you flowers?

I don't know never had a guy buy me flowers since I am a guy! Would be a tad awkward

my bf treats me horribly when I’m sick. he tells me that I’m bothering him.

Hate to say it if your bothering him then maybe it's to bother him with getting a new boyfriend that will actually take care of you while your sick cause that's what boyfriends should do. Good luck

Reasons why someone would / wouldn’t want to date you?

I can be lazy and motivated at times and I'm not a chip n' Dale type guy with the sexy body and muscles and 6 ir 8 pack abs going on. I AM WHO I AM if people don't except me for that then they aren't worth my time or effort.

How do you find the motivation to do things that need to get done when you're depressed?

Listen to my favorite band or show or do it because I have too but don't really want too because after all I'm depressed
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If it seems like your significant other is struggling they're acting differently around you and you feel like you're the problem, you probably are. They're probably just telling you what you wanna hear to keep from hurting you. Take the initiative and break up or divorce them so they don't hurt more

Good advice

Is life worth living for some people, poor people??

Life is always worth living as long as you have God or Jesus in your life, true happiness and love that's what makes so beautiful nothing more nothing less!
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Donald Trump for 2024😏 .. what do you think?

I don't know anymore I'm almost to the point where I just get sick of the political games

In the winter are you a sweatpants type of person or a jean kind of person?

Sweatz all the way Ms. Latina Queen!


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